An Intimate Relationship...With Your Vagina

Jan 7, 2022
An Intimate Relationship...With Your Vagina

Do you remember the first time you brought yourself to orgasm? Was it so emotional that you cried? Or perhaps the moment was full of shame and if so, we’re sorry. Society is still more accepting of teenage boys pleasuring themselves, regarding it as a healthy sign of their sexuality. This acceptance does not extend to teenage girls, who are made to feel dirty or ashamed for self-exploration.

What sometimes gets forgotten in discussions about sex with young people: women weren’t put on this earth to satisfy men’s desires. Being in tune with your vagina, and knowing where to find your g-spot and clitoris are all perfectly normal things. The female orgasm is seen more and more as a form of self-care with health benefits - and if you know where everything is, then future partners can be directed there.

If you’re new to the self-pleasure game but don’t know where to start, here are a few tips.

What do you want?

Setting intentions can be helpful. Are you looking to know your body better or get better acquainted with your clitoris? Are you wanting pleasure with the help of a sex toy? Don’t set expectations too high - this sex exploration is meant to be fun for you.

Set the mood

Create a comfortable environment for this self-explore session with blankets, pillows, a mirror, some lube, and anything else that you want to have on hand. And if you don’t live alone, lock the door before starting to guarantee privacy.

Take it slow

You don’t have to head straight for your clitoris! Start by giving yourself a body scan and massaging any areas that feel tense. Focus on your breathing and once you feel relaxed, use your hands to start exploring further.

Focus on sensation

Try different strokes, finger combinations, and pressure while noting how each variation makes you feel. Can you compare the sensation to something more tangible, like a warm summer breeze on your skin? Pairing pleasure with imagination is a great way to start exploring sexual fantasies.

Recognize the work you’re doing

You’re taking a moment to do something just for you, which deserves to be celebrated. Take a bath or, have a piece of your favorite chocolate, schedule a date with friends. Be aware that your first masturbation attempts may feel a little uncomfortable or tinged with shame, but this is not a reason to stop the self-exploration. For most people, they fade away. If they don’t, there is always the option of talking to a sex therapist.

The most important thing is that you enjoy getting more intimate with “down there”!

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