Is sex now the last ‘dirty’ activity in a clean world?

Jul 21, 2021
Is sex now the last ‘dirty’ activity in a clean world?

Even the best sex-ed classes in the world could never have prepared us for COVID sex. And sex in the time of a pandemic has certainly re-framed our definition of what constitutes safe sex. Now we are all looking to avoid STIs and COVID-19, which is stressful, we know.

Listen, sex is messy - that’s part of the appeal - but this past year, getting hot and heavy has become less of a turn-on and more of a turn-off. Kissing has become a dangerous activity, and it’s basically impossible to do social distancing correctly when it comes to sex - whether you’re doing it doggy-style or missionary.

Some of us have spent the past year building up our vibrator collection, figuring out virtual sex, and adding to our masturbation techniques. But where do we go from here?  If you were with your partner throughout the pandemic, perhaps you got to live out your wildest fantasies and had great COVID sex (or not, that’s also ok). And we also hope that you kept some wipes on hand at all times, to be extra clean with all that cum and sex sweat floating around. 

For single folk, the fear factor may be something to overcum. In a recent Nurx survey, featuring 1,000 single women, 58% of respondents are hoping to date and have more sex than they did pre-pandemic, while 44% are worried they’ve forgotten how, and 25% are still concerned about catching COVID-19 through sex.

Whether you’re footloose and fancy-free or in a committed relationship, COVID 19 allows us to get more creative when it comes to sex. And while we definitely don’t want to start associating sex with dirtiness, it’s vital to stay on top of our personal hygiene. Hand-washing, showering before and after sex, using wipes more routinely, and not putting ourselves and those around us in danger are just the reality for the foreseeable - before we can go back to being really, really “dirty.”

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