Places of Intimacy: Bent over the marble table in Los Angeles

Apr 3, 2018
Places of Intimacy: Bent over the marble table in Los Angeles

Places of Intimacy is SKYN’s own guide to the best places to get intimate. To bring this guide to life, we sent actual couples around the world to get inspired and tell us about the colors, textures, scents, sounds, and sensations that defined their most intimate experiences during the trip.

With the glitz and glam of Hollywood surrounding it, the Roosevelt Hotel is sleek, elegant and classy from the moment you pull up. Valets whisk your vehicle away as you enter the historic 1920s structure. 

The first of the rooms are known as the Towers and boast sultry mahogany wood overlooking the famous Hollywood Boulevard. We opted for the Cabanas, modern rooms overlooking the secluded pool. Our windows may as well have been a Hockney painting - we looked onto quintessential, luxury LA life.

With an entire wall made of mirrors on one side and silky, sheer curtains on the other, the Cabana offered all sorts of comfort. Swimsuits went on and we dived into the heated pool, splashing together in the deep water. As the only people in the pool, there was no-one to know what was happening under the frenzy of bubbles surrounding us. After drying off in the LA sun and hydrating with some colourful drinks, we returned to the room, further to embrace our fantasies. 

I wrapped a blindfold over her eyes to plunge her world into darkness - and I commanded her to bend forward and rest her hands on the cool marble surface of a table; she gripped the stone, using it as an anchor as she spun into pleasure. That evening, appetites temporarily sated, we walked out to the main street feeling like celebrities ready to take on the city.


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