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Share your personal story of taboo around intimacy.

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Share the biggest taboo of your intimate life!
I like to watch others. Is this bad? I would love to try a three-some but never dared to ask my partner. Not sure she would feel confident or happy about it.
- Alex
I've often experienced pain during intercourse, due to lack of moisture. It's always a bit shameful to ask your partner, especially when it's a new one, to use a lube, but as I discovered it totally changed my sensations, now it's never without. I don't know why I've been so ashamed about this for so long, after all.
- Alice
I've never really orgasmed until I discovered toys…Until then, no one was really doing what pleasured me. So thanks to this I've managed to know myself better and communicate better to my partner what I want.
- Rihanaa
It took me until I was 25 to find out how submissive I was. It is now something I greatly enjoy, power play is great fun.
- Alex
No one like blow jobs and
- Emma
My penis has a slight bend which makes certain sexual positions difficult to deal with esp we chalky as my wife has a tight vagina - but we talked about it and now we play and discover positions that feel very exotics
- Ashan
Skyn are the best fitting latex free condoms I've found
- Marco Bernagozzi
Rimming. I've been absolutely loving it, but i've been ashamed of coming out with it to my partner
- Marcin
People seem to find it weird I actually love the feeling of condoms and latex gloves. It's a massive bonus when it comes to safety but I also just think the feeling is hot as hell!
- Angela
The best partners I’ve had have been very knowledgeable and open about their different sexual health statuses. It’s changed the way I think about sex and helped to undo my own anxieties about intimacy.
- Beth
My wife and I have recently begun experimenting with other people together... Which is why we are buying so many condoms!
- Simon
Biggest taboo for me was anal until I tried it.
- Tilly Styles
I love the latex free condoms. I love the smell of a fresh soap free vagina :)
- Kian T
i want to try pegging but i'm scared
- brett grice
I’d like to watch my wife masturbate without her knowing I’m watching unit just doesn’t touch herself - ever. I’m afraid to ask her and don’t think she’ll do it. I just love seeing her pleasured !!
- Peter
Trying different positions
- john smith
Expermenting things with my partner has been great fun with the Unknown Pleasures pack of condoms. Though felt asif my insides were on fire using the tingling condom.... but who knew a blow job could be so tasty.
- Tina
Since started using skyn has never been the same would never go back to anything else
- John
Bringing up my like of ass
- John Sucrow
I like to think of my wife having sex with other guys.
- Mike
I always considered myself vanilla, but when I met my partner, she revealed her submissive side and requested I be dominant for her. I gave it a go, and found myself enjoying it the most of any sex I've had before. Maybe I'm not so vanilla after all!
- Joe
I like watching and listening to people having sex, hopefully any future partners may be up to some similar kinks!
- Tom
I'm afraid that being in a long term relationship will mean that our sex life gets boring. I've been poly in the past but I don't feel the need for that in this relationship, but how do I spice things up with just the two of us?
- Em
Women always seem surprised when I ask them to squeeze my balls as hard as possible. Many women have had their hands cramp from how long/hard they've been squeezing :D
- KR
Share the biggest taboo of your intimate life