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Are condoms 100% effective protection against STI and pregnancy?

No method of contraception can ever be 100% effective. However, when used correctly, condoms offer the best protection against STI and are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. Choosing the correct fit of condom and using SKYN lubricant can further reduce the likelihood of breakage.

How should I store SKYN condoms?

Our condoms should be stored below 30°C in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Are your condoms safe for use during anal sex?

Yes. All our condoms – including ribbed and studded varieties – are suitable for use during anal sex. To increase comfort and safety, using plenty of lube (and patience) is always recommended.

Can I use oil-based products like body butter, massage oils, scented oils, petroleum jelly and baby oil with SKYN condoms?

No. Oils can have an interaction with latex which breaks down its structural integrity. Always use a water- or silicone-based lubricant when using condoms.

Are your flavoured condoms and lubricants safe to be used for oral sex?

Yes. The flavourings used for our flavoured condoms are food grade and our lubricants are made with ingredients safe for human ingestion. However, you should always use a new condom if you switch between oral, vaginal or anal intercourse. 

Do SKYN condoms contain the spermicide Nonoxynol-9?

SKYN condoms and lubricants do not contain Nonoxynol-9. Though the use of Nonoxynol-9 was previously widespread across the world, products containing N9 – as it is also known – have never been manufactured or sold under the SKYN brand. The World Health Organisation has stated that "there is no evidence that condoms lubricated with N9 are more effective in preventing pregnancy than lubricated condoms without N9". Furthermore, the compound can cause irritation and retard the healing of wounds with which it has been in contact.

What are the ingredients in your condoms? 

SKYN® condoms are lubricated with non-spermicidal silicone oil SK-70 (dimethicone).

What are the ingredients in your bottled & sacheted lubricants?

Silicone based SKYN® lubricants ALL NIGHT LONG and MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE are made with cyclomethicone and dimethiconol.

Water based SKYN® lubricants AQUA FEEL and NATURAL FEEL are made with water, glycerine, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, aloe vera extract, phenoxyethanol, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin-E acetate).

What is your smallest condom?

Our tightest fitting condom is the SKYN® Close Feel, with a 51mm nominal width; this product is not currently available in the United Kingdom.

What are your largest condoms?

Our largest condoms are Skyn Large, which have a 56mm nominal width.

Do you make non-latex condoms?

Yes. Our Skyn condoms are made with Skynfeel™, a technologically advanced, non-latex material proven to enhance stimulation.

Are your condoms and lubricants sterile?

No. Condoms are not required to be medically sterile according to guidelines set by the British Standards Institution. They are, however, manufactured in continuously monitored clean environments.

Are your products vegan-friendly?

Yes. None of our products contain animal derivatives.

Do your products contain any peanut or tree nut products?

No. Our products are completely free of peanut or tree nut products and do not come into contact with them during manufacturing processes.

Where are SKYN condoms made?

Our condoms are manufactured at overseas production facilities according to strict International Standards Organisation guidelines (the ISO 23409:2011 standard, to be specific). They are subject to a rigorous quality control program and undergo several methods of testing. Click here to see how SKYN® condoms are made.

What do I do if I have experienced a condom breakage?

If condoms are the only form of contraception you're using, emergency contraception can be purchased over the counter at most pharmacies. If taken within 24 hours of intercourse, emergency contraception can prevent 95% of pregnancies. Its efficacy decreases after this period and it should be taken within 72 hours.

STI checks should be made within 10–14 days of breakage. Your local sexual health or family planning clinic is a good place to obtain these. If needed, they can also provide advice and counselling.

You should also mail the manufacturer to report the breakage. For products purchased in the United Kingdom, write to us at skynfeel@lifestyles.com. To assist us in investigating the breakage please provide the batch details and expiry date of the condom – both of which can be found on the pack.

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