5 Common Myths About Condoms

Jan 7, 2022
5 Common Myths About Condoms

Condoms are one of the most effective ways to reduce risk of pregnancy and limit your chance of contracting STIs and/or STD. A potential moment of brief awkwardness asking penis-owners to put a condom on is way less stressful than an unwanted pregnancy or infection. In addition to reticence at wearing a condom, not everyone has the same access to sexual and reproductive health discussions. This can lead to lack of knowledge or the spreading of misinformation.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common condom myths and set them straight.

1.  “Too big” for a condom? Impossible!

Condoms come in all sizes, lengths and widths - so if a penis-owning sex partner claims they’re “too big” to wear a condom, this is absolute rubbish. Yes, it is possible to be too big (or too small), but that’s a question of finding the right size condom. Please do not feel pressured into having sex with someone who refuses to wear a condom because they claim their penis is too large to fit. Thank you, next!

2.  Putting on a condom kills the mood

We would argue that not wearing a condom kills the mood while having sex. They can be kept close by to wherever you’re most likely to have sex. The more practicse at applying a condom, the quicker it will be to put one on. And finally, putting on a condom can become a part of foreplay, so that it’s less trial and tribulation, more hot and sexy.

3.  Sex doesn’t feel as good with a condom

This is a common complaint from penis-owners that can be influenced by what other people say. However, certain data suggests that women find it harder to achieve an orgasm when their partner with a penis wears a condom. But the fact is that not all condoms are created equal. Dr. Emily Morse, a sex expert and host of the podcast "Sex With Emily", recommends trying different condom brands and styles to find the best fit for all parties involved. And use lube*! Dr. Morse explains that it can help to enhance sexual pleasure by adding some outside of the condom, as well as a few drops to the inside.

4.  Here’s one I made earlier

While we usually encourage creativity when it comes to sex, this does not apply to condoms! Condoms undergo rigorous tests to verify their efficiency. Do not improvise when it comes to condoms, it is unsanitary and can increase the chance of pregnancy or the transmission of an STD or STI. Either take a time out to go and buy condoms or switch to masturbation.

5.  Double wrapping condoms = double safety

Wearing two condoms at the same time, whether that’s a female and a male condom or two male condoms on one penis, is unnecessary. In fact, medical professionals strongly advise against it as it increases friction during sex, which can cause the condoms to rip.

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