6 Reasons why you should keep the lights on

Aug 9, 2022
6 Reasons why you should keep the lights on

Why get dirty in the dark when you can take the stage and steal the limelight? Now that might sound like a rhetorical question, but it’s not. Apparently, 7 out of 10 people like to have sex with lights off. Why? Because it’s safe. Sex with lights on is bold, and sometimes a little scary. Many people feel vulnerable when their partners are watching them, and shyness and lack of confidence are more common than we’d like to admit.

But here are 6 reasons why you should definitely try sex with lights on, at least once!

1. Looking in the creates a bond

Now, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Looking into each other’s eyes sparks connected. So very often commonly mentioned, your eyes are the windows to your soul. And when two souls connect, along with your bodies, the intimacy doubles, and the passion skyrockets. It’s a different kind of lovemaking when you can see through someone’s soul. It’s honest, raw and you’ll catch a glimpse of how much your partner wants you. Now, what’s sexier than that?

2. You’ll like what you see

Besides the emotional and physical feelings during sex, there is also the visual appeal. Let’s call it that secret ingredient, the cherry on top (pun intended)! Watching your partner in action, doing the things he or she does to you, and watching her enjoy the things you are doing to him or her, is a big turn on for most people. If you like what you feel and see, the pleasure intensifies tremendously. Imagine watching every touch, every thrust, every muscle of the body move as you indulge in exploring and loving each other – wow.

3. You can really explore each other

When you keep the lights on, you can gage how your partner is feeling. Is he enjoying this move, or do you need to change it up? Is she ready to take it up a notch, or is she feeling a little uncomfortable with what you’re doing? Is this what floats his or her boat? Are you even on the same boat? For sex to be equally enjoyable for both partners, this is very important, especially during the first few times. It helps you understand each other’s bodies and needs.

4. It boosts your self love and confidence

Let’s cut to the chase. Lights on is bold. Confidence is sexy. And self love is everything. Body positivity is a big part of a positive sexual experience. Feeling good about yourself and your body makes sex extra amazing. In fact, many men and women enjoy their partner’s eyes on them while they do their thing, and many also like to watch themselves in the mirror. Here’s the thing – you look sexy if you feel sexy. And if you feel sexy, there’s nothing stopping you from having the most fantastic sex of your life.

5. You can really spice it up

Since you can actually see, you can also get creative. You can use massage oils and toys to intensify the experience. You can get quirky with different positions - in fact, some positions are ideal for lights on, such as the reverse cowgirl! Now, we all know the benefits of spicing things up, don’t we?

6. You can sneak in a second round

Usually when the lights are off, you tend to do it once, and then fall asleep. It’s only normal, once the relaxing feeling takes over after an orgasm. But when the lights are on, it means the party doesn’t need to be over! You can straight away go into round two, or even three! Or maybe you can take a break in between – grab a snack, jump in the shower, give each other massages, the possibilities are endless!

If turning on the lights nice and bright is a little too bold or uncomfortable for you, the best way to start is with lovely mood lighting, where you can play a little hide and sick with each others’ silhouettes. It’s the perfect way to add the element of mystery, and heightened sense of touch, smell, and anticipation!

So, who started the lights off trend anyway? Sex was considered a “sin” in Christianity, and so was sexual pleasure in many other religions. It has always been an activity that has been kept hush, and till today, some cultures still don’t talk about sex openly. With this bad reputation, the activity has been shoved “into the dark” for many years. Sex with lights off has been a traditional way of doing it, and no one questioned it for a very long time. Until now!

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