Closing the pleasure gap

Aug 9, 2022
Closing the pleasure gap

Long story short, it is a fact in heterosexual relationships, men orgasm more than women. The Orgasm Gap, or the pleasure gap, is real, and very unfortunate. There is already a lot of gender inequality, but this one is actually the easiest one to avoid! After all, it starts at home, and in this case, in bed. Here are a few ways to close to pleasure gap, step by step.

1. Masturbate, explore and burn that roof

Ladies, it’s time to take matters in your own hands! If you don’t know what you like, and what gets you going, how can you expect your partner to know? It would be great to have a man could find it out on his own, but that isn’t always the case. Masurbation gives you the power to decide what makes you feel good, what you are confortable with, and what doesn’t do much for you. Touch yourself, instead of waiting for someone else to!

2. Talk dirty to me

When you know what you like, it’s really important to communicate this with your partner. If you wont let him or her know what turns you on, what hits the spot, and what will make you scream! Tell your partner also what you don’t like. Once you communicate openly, not only will he or she know what to do to pleasure you, but it will also shed inhibitions, help you break all barriers (personally, emotionally and sexually), and bring you both closer! Moreover, it’s quite sexy when your partner knows what she wants, don’t you think? This will spark additional fires between the two of you.

3. Toys with or without boys

Sex toys are a blessing in disguise (literally, with the discreet packaging and all), and should definitely be used more than they are. They are designed to pleasure and pleasure only. So if there is a spot that you can’t hit, or your partner can’t find, toys are your best bet. Besides, there is just so much you can do with them. You can use them how you want to, you can use them alone or with your partner, you can choose which type of toy works better for you, and so on.

4. Don’t skip foreplay

We’ve already told you this, haven’t we? Well, we’d like to say it again, because it’s very, very important. Foreplay is an integral part of sex. You can make it even more exciting with lubes and toys for arousal before sex, which is especially important for women, as their clitoris is located outside the vagina and is never stimulated with sexual penetration. You can also do simple things like deep kissing, massaging, touching the breasts, etc. Whatever floats your boat on that particular day! But with foreplay, you can ensure that both of you are aroused on the same level and ready to give in to the pleasure.

5. Its’ not over after he comes

Just because his climax is over, it doesn’t mean that sex needs to be over. There’s also the happy ending, and of course, the credits, which are more often than not, the real feel-good factor. What we mean is, sex isn’t over once the man comes. Porn surely shows it like that, with the juice flowing everywhere and a satisfied man. In real life, it’s more like, the man rolls over, kisses you on the forehead sometimes (if you are into an intimate relationship, of course), and most probably falls asleep, satisfied and relaxed. And there lies the woman, still with her body in the same position, wondering what to do. This is where the biggest change needs to happen. Make sure you both are finish, even if not at the same time, before the rolling over and falling asleep happens!

6. Focus on the pleasure

Instead of putting all the focus on trying to reach an orgasm, by you or your partner, why don’t you try to focus on the feeling of pleasure? Men usually orgasm much quicker than women, which can put a certain amount of pressure on women to orgasm soon too. There is a reason why so many women fake an orgasm, after all! Focus on feeling good, and have your man focus on making you feel good, without the intense wait of the big O, and you will reach there sooner than you thought.

The biggest and the most important step to close the pleasure gap is to address that it actually exists, and both your partner and you can bridge this, roll over together with a happy, satisfied sigh.

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