5 Reasons Why You Should Give Period Sex A Try

Mar 20, 2021
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Too few people are taking advantage of sex during their period!

According to a new study, many women report that the week of their period means that sex is not on the menu. And we get it…sort of. Period sex is messy, and not everyone is comfortable stripping down while they’re feeling bloated and crampy.

However—there are so many real reasons to look past the obvious. Period sex has huge health benefits—and most importantly, it can help women feel good physically, while feeling better about themselves and as a couple. Certain products can even help minimize the mess, while intensifying pleasure.

Let’s count the reasons why period sex can be so beneficial <3

1. Less cramps. Yes, you heard it here first. Period cramps are caused by rhythmic contractions in the uterus… a similar type of pelvic muscle contraction that occurs during an orgasm. It’s been proved to reduce pelvic pain, so there’s a good chance that your cramps will disappear altogether. Some women have even reported that having an orgasm delivers relief from menstrual migraines. Jackpot!

2. Shorter periods. This is truly a life hack. Not only can sex while menstruating, shorten the length of your period (pelvic contractions during orgasm make it easier to pass the contents of the uterus), it can also create a heightened state of arousal. Many women report a higher sex drive during their periods. Fluctuating hormones and increased blood flow may be to blame, but why not take advantage of this increased libido? During one lifetime, women will have their period for roughly 6 and a half years of their life. When you put it that way, that sounds like a very long time to be denying ourselves pleasure!

“Just grab a wipe, and go with it— thank me later!” Nikki, 33

3. Free lube. This maybe goes without saying, but many women say that sex during this time feels even better than usual, because there are no issues concerning dryness or need to use personal lubricant. It feels great for everyone involved, as period sex means that things are naturally extra wet. “ Pro tip…when I’m on my period, shower sex is my go-to method, since clean up is never an issue.” Janelle, 28

4. Orgasms & endorphins. Along with lessening cramps, orgasms are also fantastic for the overall discomfort and fatigue that often comes with menstruating. With orgasms comes a powerful release of chemicals in the brain, called endorphins—which help increase our mood and ease pain—a huge plus if you’re feeling tired, irritable, or just plain crummy. Read more about the importance of the female orgasm here in ‘Closing the orgasm gap’.

5. Reduced stress and better sleep. Endorphins released during orgasm are also amazing for lowering stress levels. Studies show that having sex more frequently results in fewer bloodpressure spikes and better stress management. Period sex is a great way to feel closer to your partner, strengthen your relationship, increase intimacy and feel more confident in yourself.

But don’t take our word for it— try it out yourself! <3

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