Am I doomed to cum in the same position all my life?

Jul 14, 2021
Am I doomed to cum in the same position all my life?

Perhaps one of the only things worse than straight up bad sex, is boring sex. And if you’re one of those people who feels like they’re totally stuck in a rut with what makes them orgasm, your intimate moments a probably feeling pretty mundane. But fear not, because it doesn’t have to stay that way! Here are a few ideas that might help you bring some excitement back to your sex life.

1. Get to know yourself (again) It may well be that to get to the point where you even know what makes you cum in the first place, you’ve spent some time doing some solo exploration. Which is awesome! Masturbation is totally to be encouraged – it helps you know exactly how and when to move your body in order to climax. So, one way to move forward with changing things up is to revisit your relationship with yourself. Try out new things to see what else you might like, and you may just find that you hit a new sweet spot to visit on your next sexual encounter.

2. Try a toy This tip is a bit of a natural progression from number one but can be applied to couple sex as well as solo sex. Adding a sex toy into the mix is such a great way to freshen things up and add new sensations that could get you cumming in positions you never thought possible. The novelty can also be a real libido booster whether you’re alone or with a partner.

3. Flip the perspective Finally, a lot can be said for the mental side of sex so why not try flipping your mindset as well as your sex positions? Take a second to think about why it feels like a bad thing to always cum in the same way. Because, really, it just means that you know what you like. For many people, being able to cum on the regular isn’t a given, so the fact that you’ve found the best sex position for you and a fool proof way to cum is something to celebrate. The next step is just having even more fun and seeing how you can mix things up!

The main take away from all this? Finding pleasure is all about exploration!

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