Hooking Up In The Metaverse / The Lowdown on Cybersex

Jan 7, 2022
Hooking Up In The Metaverse / The Lowdown on Cybersex

Cybersex is completely virtual, a way to engage in safe sex over the internet with no person- to-person physical contact. Anonymity is a key component to hooking up in the metaverse, allowing for sexual freedom and the exploration of your most sexual fantasies. The pandemic allowed for cybersex possibilities to further expand, including the launch of Planet Theta, the first virtual reality dating app by FireFlare Games.

Curious to try virtual sex but still not sure what it is? Here are some of the activities that are included in the category!


quite simply, the sending of sexually explicit or sexually suggestive messages, to a partner. Sexting can be a great way to help keep the flame alive in long-distance relationships or to add some excitement to a longstanding relationship. Do avoid inappropriate messages to your partner’s work phone and only engage in sexting with those that you trust. You don’t want anyone sharing private messages with a wide group of people.

Sex toys

Teledildonics are high-tech sex toys, connected to the internet or an app, that allow for sexual stimulation from a distance. They’re a great option if you’re already experienced with sex toys and looking to experiment with sex gaming, bringing a new layer of fun to the table. However, they are not the cheapest option so invest carefully.

Alternate or Virtual Reality

Created in 2003, Second Life is perhaps the best known virtual reality platform where many people are having cybersex, through a range of avatars and genders that would not be possible to achieve in the non-metaverse world. It requires a substantial time investment as you build your Second Life world and may lead to a financial commitment to have the right systems and materials to get the best experience out of the platform.

There’s definitely a gray area when it comes to virtual sex. It can become addictive for some and for others, it can facilitate no-go sex boundaries - yes, rape exists too in the metaverse. If you’re in a committed relationship, and want to try out virtual sex together, it’s smart to discuss it in advance. Comfort zones, playing times, data plans, and privacy concerns are just some things to consider - the point is not to enable infidelity, virtually. And be sure to take the necessary steps to protect your personal data. People can hide behind their avatars, and be someone completely different IRL. Your safety is of the utmost importance.

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