How To Rejuvenate The Lost Intimacy In Your Long Distance relationship.

Aug 1, 2019
long distance relationships

Long-distance relationships can be very hard to maintain. You need to put in a lot of hard work but at the end of the day, the investment of time and effort is all worth it. Contrary to popular belief, long-distance relationships have a lot going for them, as they say, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. While it may seem that the separation creates a vacuum emotionally and physically, meeting your loved one after a long time sparks a renewed interest and fondness in the relationship. 

The current high-press and demanding lifestyle take a toll on all of us, but making time out of your busy schedule for your partner shouldn’t be a chore. In fact, it should be a release, a catharsis of sorts. Dedicate a part of your day, to #saveintimacy and work on your relationship. In no time it will become a habit, a ritual. It can be difficult to practice what you preach and that is why every small bit counts. Here are a few tidbits that will help in reinvigorating the lost spark in your long-distance relationship:

  1. Keep Them Guessing
    When the distance cuts off the possibility of frequent visits and physical closeness, then substitute that with surprise gifts and visits. While the topic of planned visits will be discussed later, there is no denying that surprise visits can bring unbridled joy! Gifts like handwritten letters and DIY cards can remind them of the good old days and will do nicely in the absence of physical intimacy. Keep the surprises coming and keep them guessing what’s next. This is guaranteed to keep them on their toes.

  2. Listen To Each Other’s Voice Daily
    One of the biggest factors contributing to the failure of long-distance relationships is the lack of communication. Not hearing your loved one’s voice for a long time can create a vacuum leading to a strained relationship. It is absolutely essential you maintain a schedule where you call and engage in a conversation every day. This will take your minds off the physical separation.

  3. Do Things Together
    A great way to feel together is to do things that you love, together. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows together, keep updating each other about the latest episodes, or talk about upcoming movies, etc. If you and your partner both are into gaming, then there’s nothing better than playing online games together.

  4. Fix Date Nights Over Skype
    Who said you can’t have a romantic date night if you are miles apart? Schedule video calls over Skype and order in your favorite date night dinner talk to each other and have a great bonding time. You can order in from different places every week and enjoy great food with great company, missing out on nothing!
    skype date nights
  5. Plan Visits Together
    Instead of going to visit each other, why not visit and discover a new place? Going to meet each other at your respective locations can get a little monotonous and here’s how you can spice things up- visit a destination together, have a little vacation and create memories that you can cherish together until your next planned trip. You can work with your partner in creating a vacation calendar considering both of your holiday schedules. 
  6. Join Each Other’s Inner Circles
    Considering we spent a lot of our waking hours in the company of our colleagues and acquaintances, it’s a great idea to become a part of your partner’s everyday inner circle. Start by asking your partner to introduce you to some of their friends from the workplace, gym, coffee shops, etc. Join them for a night out or maybe a house party, and gradually build camaraderie. You can then follow them on social media and stay updated with all inner circle happening. This will keep you informed about your partner’s day, and upcoming events, thus avoiding isolation.

  7. Keep Things Fresh
    When there is a lack of physical intimacy, the onus is on you to keep things spicy. Never stop flirting with your partner, let them know how attractive they are and how truly blessed you are to have them in your life. A flirtatious text accompanied by seductive photos will certainly help. Now, of course, you don’t have to maintain a fixed timeline for this but make sure you frequently text each other expressing your love and affection. Slip in innuendo and maybe a naughty photo every once in a while. Another imaginative must-try is fantasizing about them and creating stories which you can later share for an intimate moment.
    fresh relationships
  8. Don’t Be Afraid To Share More
    Living miles apart, we tend to drift away from each other’s day to day affairs. And that is exactly where the emotional distance in the relationship creeps in. The best way to avoid that is by keeping your partner in the loop with everything happening in your life. Don’t stop if you feel like you have overshared, because knowing about your current situation will help your partner sympathize and understand you better. Staying aloof on the other hand can have disastrous repercussions.

  9. Set And Accomplish Relationship Goals
    Keep things interesting by setting goals for yourselves in terms of the relationship. Not sure where to start? How about planning agendas for your meets? One meeting can be all about Netflix and chill, where you spend time with each other and catch up on all that’s been. The next meet can be all about discovering new eateries and bonding over food. During one such meet, you can spend time with your partner’s local circle of colleagues and learn about their recent accomplishments. Setting up and achieving these goals will not keep things interesting in your relationship but will also take your mind off the distance between both of you.

    Start small and eventually you will regain the lost charm in your long-distance relationship. You can #saveintimacy from heading down the boring, humdrum path.


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