Places of Intimacy: Immerged in the bathtub in Montemor-o-Novo

Jun 1, 2018
Places of Intimacy

Places of Intimacy is SKYN’s own guide to the best places to get intimate. To bring this guide to life, we sent actual couples around the world to get inspired and tell us about the colors, textures, scents, sounds, and sensations that defined their most intimate experiences during the trip.

“‘Catch me if you can!’, I yelled at him. We set out on the trail between the white buildings of L’AND Vineyard in Portugal’s Alentejo. I stopped in the middle of a field of grapes – I wanted to let him catch me, here in the vines. We stood, lost in kisses, and when we returned to the room we were covered from head to toe with dust. 

Places of Intimate

We washed each other, then I led him across the stone floor to our wide bed. It was close to the end of the day, and the colours of sunset poured through a great sky window above our heads. Soft pillows surrounded us as I lay in his arms; together we watched the sky turn pink, then the first of the stars shine through.

love making

The night was cool, and it was hard to leave our room where there was a large fire now burning on our terrace. But, we decided to take a dip in our private bath. Framed by the white, minimalist shapes of the hotel buildings, the water of the bathtub was gorgeously warm. Illuminated by only one lamp, it felt intimate, our own space. We floated in the silence, and then returned to the bliss of our bed with its magical night sky vista.”

love making palces

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Places of Intimacy guide

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