Sex after 50: Why the menopause doesn’t equal the end of sex.

Jul 15, 2021
Sex after 50: Why the menopause doesn’t equal the end of sex.

There is no cut off point for a satisfying sex life - pleasure is something to be explored at every age. However, things can get complicated once menopause hits (see also, perimenopause). This is because many of the factors that contribute to female pleasure are affected by the physical changes taking place in the body during menopause.

The principal mood-killer for sex post-menopause is a lack of estrogen. This impacts the vagina, which can become dry and lose its elasticity, with the vaginal walls also becoming thinner. This in turn leads to painful sex, a huge turn-off, and is often combined with a dip in libido. According to a review of medical studies in the publication Obstetrics & Gynecology, an estimated 68 - 87% of people with vaginas experience issues with sex after menopause. The problem is more common than many think it is and therefore needs to be discussed more openly

So, what are the solutions to this sex-shaped obstacle? It’s always a good idea to clue your partner in - after all, the menopause experience will vary slightly from person to person. To help with pain-free sex, lubricants are a great solution. In particular silicone-based ones as they last longer than their water-based counterparts and make things...smoother. Once the pain factor has been removed, sex drive often increases, but you can always discuss other treatment options with your doctor. The good news is that lower estrogen does not affect women’s ability to orgasm. If you and your partner feel that an extra helping hand is welcome to keep the flame burning bright, adult sex toys are another great, and affordable, option to explore

However the menopause may affect you, don’t have sex if there’s no pleasure in it for you! Focus on getting to the root of the problem and rest assured that the best solution for you is out there!

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