The Art of Oral Sex: Five tips to give your +1 Mindblowing Pleasure

Jul 15, 2021
The Art of Oral Sex: Five tips to give your +1 Mindblowing Pleasure

Oral sex feels freaking amazing - and not just when you’re on the receiving end. We can’t think of a better turn-on than seeing your sex partner squirming with pleasure - thanks to you. It’s also a great ego-boost, which makes oral sex a total win-win for everybody involved.

In relationships, we can sometimes get stuck in a sex rut but it’s important to keep the oral spark alive - a recent study revealed that over 50% of women reach orgasm exclusively through oral sex. 

Here are some sexy tricks to keep your blow job game strong (and perfectly safe). 

1. Throw a vibrator or sex toy into the mix. Whether you’re doing oral sex as foreplay or want to go the whole nine yards without penetration, vibrators and sex toys can be a great way to tease your partner - with a penis or vagina - and get them feeling even more turned on. Plus, they give your mouth and hands a bit of a rest, if required.  

2. Put a blindfold on. Receiving oral sex with a blindfold on can make the whole experience more intense. As your senses are heightened, your erogenous zones become even more sensitive. If you’re the one giving oral sex to your partner and they’re blindfolded, tickle their vulva, labia, shaft, balls or head with a vibrator to increase their orgasmic pleasure! 

3. Double their pleasure. If this is a quickie, then know that women are likely to climax quicker when being touched in more than one area. Practise your multitasking skills by putting your tongue to work in one place and your fingers in another. Start by gently stroking her nipples and with her permission, try squeezing as she gets closer to orgasm.

4. Talk dirty to me. It’s great for everyone involved to communicate during oral sex. It can be pure dirty talk or voicing your enthusiasm, or even helpful pointers for your partner to do something that gets you all hot and bothered down there. 

5. Switch it up. You know while giving oral sex, as they get closer to an orgasm they just want you to keep doing the same thing? Yeah, this is the opposite of that. If you’re giving a blow job, alternate between sucking and licking, and switch your speed up. If you’re giving cunnilingus, don’t just lick. Try some gentle sucking and see what the response is, or a light flicking motion may do the trick.

Bonus tip: Remember to get comfortable! You do not have to get on your knees to perform oral sex and suffer potential carpet burn. Nobody deserves that.  

Friendly reminder: Never try anything during oral sex without asking permission from your partner. It’s a pretty intimate sex act for many so consent and safety above all else. 

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