Why ‘Afterplay’ Is As Important As Foreplay

Jul 14, 2021
Why ‘Afterplay’ Is As Important As Foreplay

“It’s true… foreplay can help partners feel closer and more intimate, which ultimately leads to both parties feeling more aroused”, says Debra Herbenick, PhD, MPH, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University in Bloomington.

And there’s only one rule: however long you think you should be spending on foreplay… it’s always best to multiply by at least two.

But what about ‘afterplay’?

Afterplay, as you can probably guess, is comprised of the moments just after sex; and much like foreplay, it can last for just a few minutes—or many hours…

After sex is when sensitivity is at its highest, and physical intimacy, emboldened—and it might just be the best and most-overlooked part of couple sex.

Afterplay activities can take endless forms: including snuggling, cuddling, kissing, cleaning off, wiping up, taking a bath, back scratching etc. But whatever form it takes, it most always results in reconnection with your partner and an increased emotional bond.

A 2014 study found that couples who participate in post-coital affection report “greater sexual satisfaction in their relationship”. The study also revealed that post-coital affection was particularly important for couples with children, as physical intimacy usually comes at a premium.1

So, just as foreplay is an important aspect to having great sex, afterplay should be just as necessary

And who knows… it might just end up leading to… more foreplay <3.​

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